Cosma International Production Supervisor in Excelsior Springs, Missouri

Company Introduction

Magna Seating is a Just in Time Seat assembly and foam manufacturing plant in Excelsior Springs, MO. We proudly assemble seats and manufacture foam for our customers in the Kansas City area.

Job Introduction

Magna Seating, Excelsior Springs, is currently recruiting for a full time Production Supervisor.

Major Responsibilities

Responsible for the day to day supervision of production associates. Maintain a safe, efficient and orderly work place. Establish a professional relationship with the associates in production. Encourage the work force to be quality driven, and motivated to achieve the goals and objectives of the company. Practice open and honest dialogue with the union when administering the UAW contract. Handle issues in a manner that will resolve them before they escalate to the grievance stage. Practice principles that are fair, firm and consistent. Take action only after all the facts are known. Monitor, maintain and record all variables that relate to the company attendance policy in an expedient manner. Those of which would include, but are not limited to, absenteeism, tardiness, vacation etc. Strive to improve first run capability by identifying repeat offenders and developing corrective action to eliminate issues. Be proactive and take responsibility as a change agent. Work towards achieving continuous improvement goals established by management. Implement ideas that force trends upward. Key factors in production include direct labor efficiency, first run capability, as well as reduced supplier issues. Document results on a daily basis. Maintain a clean, safe and professional place for associates to work by utilizing them during downtime or agreed upon contractual time. Take the lead in implementing successful job rotations that are developed by the safety engineer and approved by the management team. Ensure all associates have a safe environment in that all hazards, unsafe actions, or unsafe conditions have been identified, corrected, and/or eliminated.

Knowledge and Education

An undergraduate degree in a business related field or engineering with two years supervisory experience or an equivalent combination of education and experience. Computer skills with specific knowledge of personal computer applications such as spreadsheets, word processing and data base development. Must have knowledge of JIT communication devices and MRP systems.

Skills and Competencies

Execute the direction of management as it pertains to QOS deliverables, UAW contract administration, health and safety, and any other special project as the need arises. Implement shop floor practices that are consistent with the company that deliver a message that quality comes first for the benefit of our customer. Involve employees in troubleshooting quality problems, and practice regular employee awareness meetings revolving around customer issues. Force corrective measures back to the source rather than having utility personnel repair all defects. Numbers are important but should not be put ahead of quality. Also, can stop the line if necessary to correct quality and can make decisions on product disposition.

Group: Magna Seating

Division: Excelsior Springs Seating Systems

State/Province/County: Missouri

City: Excelsior Springs

Job Type: Regular