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Chestnutlabs Microbiology Manager in Springfield, Missouri

This full-time employee will help to oversee the successful daily operation of the Microbiology Department.

Responsibilities include observation and participation in microbiological procedures, managing laboratory workflows and staff, and continuous evaluation and enforcement of the ISO 17025 Standard and all accreditations. Develops, maintains and reviews technical methods, quality control records and procedures. Oversees training programs. Assists customers with inquiries.

  • Manage laboratory testing, workflow, and staff:

  • Provide consulting to customers/client base regarding technical testing questions/process operational impacts

  • Oversee the incoming samples and laboratory personnel scheduling (daily lab assignment, weekly and monthly task assignment) to ensure all testing/QC tasks are completed.
  • Human resources responsibilities including setting job objectives, performance reviews, career path planning, mentoring and feedback for employees while communicating results.
  • Ensure all SOP's and work instructions align with method references and are followed correctly.
  • Participate in the review of new SOP's and assist in implementation of methods.
  • Manage new testing technology evaluations.
  • Manage all Proficiency Testing (PT) programs. Review results with the QSM and initiate any corrective action.
  • Manage all LCS programs.
  • Ensure all instrumentation is calibrated and in proper working order.
  • Review testing data and instrument results to prevent issues and look for trends in results which may be an indicator for further mitigation.
  • Troubleshoot and problem solve in process testing that may need mitigation.
  • Coordinate with Sample Prep. Supervisor to manage workflows and ensure customer requests are met.
  • Work with Business Development to ensure RFP's quote the appropriate method.
  • Communicate testing progress with customers and internal Customer Service Representative.
  • Oversee Training and Education programs.
  • Ensure all supplies are kept in stock; assist with inventory as needed.
  • Work with the Corp. QSM to ensure quality programs meet ISO requirements
  • Supervise implementation of new testing technologies and reviews data for trends.
  • Monitor all testing results and communicates progress.
  • Monitor all rapid testing platforms and optimize performance.
  • Approve testing in LIMS at the sample level.
  • Recommend workflow improvements.
  • Participate in strategic planning and process improvements.

  • Manage audit records and initiate corrective actions, preventive actions and missing data requests with the QSM. Monitor actions to evaluate effectiveness and ensure closure of documents and root cause analysis.

  • Conduct root cause analysis for CAR's.

As needed, serve as a Microbiologist

  • Aid in the investigation and disposition out-of-specification test results.
  • Manage project work
  • Review the batch components each day for accuracy and completeness.
  • Manage overdue report (daily)

  • Ensure the department is compliant with the Quality System:

  • Evaluate the current policy to suggest changes regarding Standard Operating Procedures, forms, tests, and training.

  • Conduct work in a manner that is compliant with the Quality System and all ISO 17025 requirements.
  • Ensure proficiency testing is complete and submitted on time.
  • Enforce the Chemical Hygiene Plan and safety programs.
  • Ensure all equipment calibrations and preventative maintenance is complete.
  • Implement necessary corrective actions regarding PAR/CAR's and offer suggestions for improvement to processes/programs.

  • Ensure checkpoint system monitored equipment is complying.

  • Assist in monitoring KPI's for the department.

  • Assist with training and mentoring efforts for new employees

  • Ensure laboratory cleanliness (counters, fixtures, equipment, shelving, floors, etc. and reports concerns to the Director.

  • Minimum of a Bachelor's degree (BA or BS) in Microbiology, Biology, Cell Biology and a Master's degree in Food Safety, Microbiology or Cell Biology

  • 7+ years of prior food laboratory experience
  • Prior use of rapid pathogen detection techniques
  • Knowledge of USDA, FDA, AOAC, ISO and SMEDP food testing methodologies
  • Experience testing multiple food matrices (dairy products, raw and ready to eat meat products, produce, etc.)
  • Prior successful experience managing teams and processes
  • Understanding of P&L optimization and business KPI's

  • Ability to multi-task and work quickly while maintaining quality.

  • Understand sample and reagent preparation processes and calculations including dilutions and percent solutions.
  • Ability to follow analysis protocols and approved standard methods, understand the effects of protocol deviations on analytical results, and monitor the results for validity.
  • Ability to assess multiple microbiological protocols and determine the appropriate method of analysis to obtain accurate and valid results.
  • Ability to follow quality control and quality assurance protocols to ensure the validity of test results and safety of the work environment.
  • Ability to collect data, interpret findings, draw valid conclusions, and identify discrepancies and/or invalid results.
  • Ability to apply advanced mathematical concepts such as exponents, logarithms, quadratic equations, and advanced Algebraic equations. Ability to determine percent error, variance, standard deviation, correlation and regression, and dilution calculations. Ability to interpret complex chemistry equations and manipulate equations in troubleshooting situations; understand basic statistics such as mean, z-scores, t-tests, acceptance criteria etc.
  • Ability to define and resolve problems through critical evaluation of issues.

Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Protected Veterans/Disabled