Bi-State Development Assistant Superintendent of Call-A-Ride in St. Louis, Missouri

Job Description

*Mission: *

  • Plan, control, and direct all activities involved with cleaning, fueling and maintaining a fleet of 123 medium duty on demand paratransit vehicles that operate approximately 6 million miles annually.
  • Develop and maintain a maintenance budget of approximately 5.5 million dollars, monitor parts usage and inventory levels.
  • Ensure contractor compliance in regard to van cleaning and pest control.
  • ssume the duties of the Director of the Main Shop and Facilities in his absence

Essential Outcomes:

  • Produce a safe, clean and reliable vehicle that will enhance our customer’s experience.
  • Develop and maintain the paratransit fleet budget.
  • Develop and mentor first line Supervisors
  • Maintain the contracted van cleaning and pest control to adhere with the contracts.
  • Establish parts usage and monitor inventory levels,
  • Develop goals and standard processes for maintenance activities.
  • Maintain and reevaluate preventative maintenance activities and update as necessary.
  • Participate in the development of vendor contracts.
  • Perform training needs assessment and develop training schedule.
  • Ensure that all maintenance activities are properly documented in the computerized maintenance system.
  • Manage direct verses indirect labor activities.
  • Ensure on time performance for all preventative maintenance activities.
  • Maintain vehicle availability in accordance with established schedules. Required Skills

  • Knowledge of automotive practices used in performing fleet vehicle repair and preventative maintenance programs.

  • Skills to manage a diverse work force of 20 to 40 union and non-union employees involved in all phases of vehicle maintenance, facility maintenance and cleaning.
  • Ability to develop and accomplish goals and objectives through coordinating activities of subordinates Required Experience


  • Degree: Associates Degree Desirable
  • *Field: *Business


  • Years:Five (5)
  • Field: Vehicle Maintenance

Tracking Code: 292830-713

Job Location: St. Louis, Missouri, United States

Position Type: Full-Time/Regular