Bi-State Development Senior Project Manager - Engineering in St. Louis, Missouri

Job Description


Manages activities of consultants and contractors engaged in the design and construction and/or installation of facilities, stations, tracks, systems, buildings, bridge structures, and other related features associated with the light rail system or other capital projects. Responsible for timely completion of designated segments of light rail construction and systems modifications.

Required Skills

  • Ensures adherence to schedules and budgets for ongoing capital projects.
  • Acts as primary point of contact for consultants and contractors. Responsible to coordinate timely response of field inquiries. Verify that the responses are documented in the contract documents.
  • Aware of all aspects of the project and of the progress of the work, including; status of work items with regard to the contractor’s approved schedule, inter-relationships of various consultant and contractors’ activities, the current overall status of completion and project completion dates.
  • Conducts field inspections and ensures that the contractors pursue their work in accordance with the technical plans and specifications, while complying with their respective safety and QA/QC plans.
  • Provides timely inspections, analysis and necessary feedback on the conditions of structural elements which support the company’s key assets. Actively pursues measures necessary to ensure deficiencies are remediated.
  • Assists in the management and oversight of structural projects. Identifies, plans and coordinates future projects that address system infrastructure improvements.
  • Reviews plans and specifications to determine adequacy for construction and adherence to acceptable construction standards and practices. Recommends approval of variations from plans and specifications made necessary by contingencies arising after construction is initiated. Assist in implementation of approved changes in plans, as appropriate in relation to field conditions in order to complete project in accordance with sound and approved engineering and construction practices.
  • Communicates understanding and support of organization goals through actions and spoken and written words; interact effectively with individuals and groups at all levels; maintain ties with external organizations; keep all stakeholders informed of matters requiring their attention.
  • Prepares project correspondence, progress reports and other documents, records, and reports on status or problems in the field and assures that competent project personnel are on duty at all required times.
  • Implements established means of coordinating project plan and schedules with other projects activities; report delays and problems promptly and take appropriate actions to maintain effective coordination of activities; ensure that activities do not conflict with organization goals.
  • Meets with Agency management officials and executive staff to advise on work activities and resolve problems impacting the scheduled completion of the project.
  • Organizes and manages regular progress meetings with stakeholders to discuss project, specifications, unusual conditions, the contractor’s plan and schedule of operations and other pertinent items conducive to clear understanding of project.
  • Develops plans to meet unexpected situations, new developments and changes in the business environment; prepare for emergencies; anticipate events; understand the factors and conditions affecting the project and respond appropriately when these change.
  • Manages staff responsible for carrying out these activities. Required Experience

  • Knowledge of engineering design and construction project management.

  • Knowledge of building materials and equipment, construction practices, and techniques.
  • Knowledge of federal, state and local laws and regulations governing construction activities.
  • Knowledge and experience of structural design and construction activities.
  • Ability to communicate effectively, orally and in writing.
  • Experience in computer aided drafting, surveying and cost estimating.
  • Experience in using personal
  • Ability to read and understand project drawings, specifications, geotechnical and structural reports and other contract documents.
  • Ability to use computer software for word processing, spreadsheet and database applications.

Tracking Code: 292837-713

Job Location: St. Louis, Missouri, United States

Position Type: Full-Time/Regular