Bi-State Development Traction Power Electrician in St. Louis, Missouri

Job Description

Performs highly skilled technical work in the inspection, troubleshooting, maintenance, repair, and diagnostic analysis of all components of the MetroLink electric traction power generation and distribution system, including but not limited to: substations, power return to substations and catenary systems. Assists in the maintenance and repair of other electrical systems of the MetroLink light rail system such as wayside signal and train control systems including highway grade crossing warning systems, and related equipment during emergencies and service disruptions.

Work hours: 7:00 pm - 5:00 am

Days off: Saturday, Sunday, & Monday

Required Skills

  • Installs, inspects, maintains, repairs and provides diagnostic analysis on the wayside signaling and train control equipment including but not limited to: interlocking signals, track circuits, relays, signal equipment houses and their components, grade crossing warning flashers and crossing gates, underground cable, switch machines and power distribution to switches and switch heaters.
  • Responds to calls for service to diagnose and correct emergencies involving MetroLink electrical systems on a twenty-four (24) hour basis.
  • Operates various vehicles and equipment associated with the maintenance and repair of the Metro electrical systems both on the road and on rail.
  • Assists in activation and deactivation of other electrical systems such as traction power substations and catenary systems during emergencies and service disruptions.
  • Assists in the maintenance and repair of other electrical systems such as traction power substations and catenary systems during emergencies and service disruptions.Assists in the maintenance and repair of electrical support systems, such as power, lighting and power control systems at all MetroLink stations and along the MetroLink System during emergencies and service disruptions.
  • Trims trees, bushes and shrubs on Metro Property around electrical systems including but not limited to high voltage wires, catenary system, substations, signal houses, and grade crossings.
  • Submits daily work tasks reports and inspection and maintenance reports to supervisor. Required Experience
  1. Considerable experience as a fully qualified electrician with railroad or transit traction power substation and catenary systems, or directly related experience.
  2. Prior to being interviewed for a job, must successfully pass mechanical, high voltage electrical and electronic aptitude examinations, which will include testing the ability to understand plans, schematics, operating and service manuals, and the ability to maintain and trouble shoot electrical systems.
  3. Ability to perform the duties of the job safely, efficiently and in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations without direct supervision, including the ability to operate required vehicles or equipment.
  4. Must successfully pass the examinations of MetroLink Operating Rules for MOW employees, and other safety rules, within the qualification period, and annually as required. Must observe all applicable Operating Rules, Safety Rules, Operating Procedures, and Work Instructions in the exercise of their duties.
  5. Ability to obtain certification in CPR, First Aid and other safety practices. Required training to meet certification will be paid for by Metro and conducted during normal work hours.
  6. LICENSE: Possession of a current, Missouri or Illinois valid Class A Commercial Driver's License and all required endorsements.
  7. MEDICAL AND PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Ability to perform the physical requirements of the job. Successful completion of a DOT Physical.
  8. During severe weather conditions, including torrential rain, hail, and/or lightening, employees shall not be required to perform work on equipment or circuits energized at 600v or above except in emergencies and until properly trained. Training and required PPE will be provided by the Agency.
  9. When working on energized high voltage (600V or greater) equipment, two (2) employees shall be assigned where safety is a concern. Metro will provide required PPE equipment.
  10. Successful completion of training program and post-training qualification period for their respective job class.

Bidders must pass a qualifying test related to the position.

Tracking Code: 292895-713

Job Location: St. Louis, Missouri, United States

Position Type: Full-Time/Regular