CITY OF ST ROBERT Meter Reader in ST ROBERT, Missouri

The Meter Reader is a full-time, permanent position in the Utility Department. The immediate supervisor for this position is the City Clerk. The person in this position is supervised on a less than weekly basis, and works regular hours year round. There is rarely overtime associated with this position, and almost never works nights except for emergency situations. There is no shift work associated with this position. The person in this position is almost never on call. 5% of the work is done indoors; 95% of the work is done outdoors and requires work done in all types of weather conditions. The Meter Reader is accountable for the fiscal, safety, and legal issues for which this position is responsible. There is exposure to chemicals and/or hazardous materials on a daily basis. This exposure includes, but is not limited to, wasps, pest repellent, pepper spray, exhaust fumes, business waste, and pesticides. The stress level associated with this position varies from moderately low to moderately high depending on the situation or workload. Physical work involved with this position includes, but not limited to, walking, being on feet always, shoveling, stooping, running, carrying, lifting. LICENSES AND CERTIFICATIONS: The person in this position must have a valid Commercial Driver License. EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: The person in this position must have a high school diploma. At least 1 year of experience in understanding meters is strongly recommended, but 2 years of experience is preferred.